About Us

welcome to dollars & sense

Founded in 1985, Dollars and Sense is 100% owned and operated in Australia, with a number of reputable Discount Variety stores located in Queensland, New Sales Wales and the Northern Territory.
Dollars & Sense boasts a chain of 19 Variety stores, employing 200 local people within regional areas.

Our mission is to supply genuine quality products and outstanding customer service, which our customers will remember us for and want to return.

We will strive to supply our customers with goods of great value without sacrificing quality. We take pride in carrying over 4000 products across a wide variety of household and non-household items. We are an experienced team of buyers who source from all over the world allowing us to deliver a wide variety of product for the best value money.

we have a wide variety of

   Health & Beauty

  Supermarket Isle

  Cards & Wraps

  Kitchen & Pantry

  Stationery & School


  Craft & Scrapbooking

  Backyard & Outdoor

  Hardware & Automotive

  Laundy & Cleaning

  Party & Novelty

   Toys & Sports

  Clothing & Footwear


  Giftware and Frames

  Seasonal & Event

  Home & Living

   Plastic Storage

Dollars and Sense Values



We believe…  Dollars and Sense is an organisation that is open and transparent in all we do. We openly share information and collaborate for better solutions and we expect that you give us 110% and we will do the same for you. We will listen and respect all suggestions and will always make the best decision for the company.



We believe… in creating a positive and enthusiastic work environment. We take pride in our achievements and want to recognise others contributions for the love of their job.We look at things with a glass half full mentality and have a team player culture. We have a happy, fun and family friendly environment for all our customers and staff to experience.


Balance and Well being

We believe… balance and well being, goes hand in hand to have the ultimate goal which is a sustainable work-life balance. Family, Health, fitness, and fulfilling work is core to achieving happiness, and will ultimately lead to us to being content and not complacent. These are key to enjoying life and what Dollars and Sense want you to experience.


Achieving Success

We believe… our success is your success. It is our priority to look after you, so you look after our customers. With our customers, Dollars and Sense will prosper and offer you more opportunities to grow. We achieve success by working as a team and meeting our company’s targets consistently.



Every team member is a representative of Dollars and Sense and has an obligation to uphold all of the highest values of our company. We make decisions based on facts and experience to keep focus of our agreed priorities. We have discipline to see projects all the way through and the integrity to make the right decisions for all our future.